St. Patrick’s Day: Success and Failure

We had a birthday slash St Patty’s day party on Saturday for a bunch of friends (and St. Pat of course!).  I decided to be brave and bold and bake. I don’t bake well.  I ruin things that need mix and oil and eggs.  It’s a talent.  So I found a recipe for Bailey’s brownie bites and decided to try it, but instead of doing it from scratch just buy mix and substitute the water with the alcohol.  I also made my mom’s amazing frosting with Bailey’s and oh-my-goodness it worked!  For serious!  I got cute little brownie bite molds and it was so much better than cutting them up.  They were a hit.

As for the failure.  Well, I got the idea to make St Pat-themed shots and found this recipe for Irish Car Bomb Jell-O shots.  First I need to LOL on how many people on that website were insulted by the name.  It’s a very old and very well known drink.  Cry a freaking river.  Now I was warned these were probably not going to taste good but multiple alcohol-aficionados, but I figured what the hey, why not?  After some tedious cooking down of gelatin and slow mixing and sitting in the refrigerator being checked on way too much I ended up with this finished product.

It actually looked pretty cool.  I tasted it since well, I thought it only fair that I was the guinea pig. Let’s ignore the fact that it’s concentrated alcohol and beer melting in your mouth at once, but concentrated using gelatin.  The texture. Was. Awful.

The thing about normal Jell-O shots is that you are actually using sugary Jell-O and liquor which is not thick, unless the Guinness and Bailey’s I used.  It was just too thick.  Gag.  Big fail, but I knew it was a stretch.

The party was great overall, although I am definitely not holding my liquor like I used to.  I woke up Sunday (Slept over, of course. No drunk driving here!) and felt like death.  I manage to survive through brunch but went home for a nap only to find out we were getting our front door replaced and they were using power tools to install it.

I wanted to murder someone.

Somehow I slept through it anyway.  I’ve been ridiculously lazy all day too, though I did a bunch of editing on The Book and added a good two thousand words.  My mom is going to drive me crazy if I don’t let her finish it soon, but there’s a very large gap — pretty much the arch of the entire story — that I’m utterly stuck on finding the right words to.  Seriously, I’ve written before it and after it — all the way to the end.  My plan was to stop the first draft at 65,000 words but I’m at 69,982 right now so that’s out the window…going to just go with the flow from now on and not worry about the numbers.

Until next time.


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