Where did the months go?

How has it been over a year? I try to think where I was — emotionally and physically — and what’s happen since then. I live somewhere new. A positive. I was lucky to score an amazing new roommate and be in walking distance of a number of amazing restaurant and stores. At my old place I was very isolated in my bedroom and didn’t feel like it was ever my own.  I’m still at the same job, but with a promotion this past winter. It’s a lot of work being a part of a small company and having a lot of responsibilities.  And I get to go to Germany in August which is pretty cool. There’s parts of LA I love and others I loath. It makes me miss home, though there are things that make me wary of going back. And then emotionally…ugh. It feels like every time I give up some of myself, I get burned. It just happened, literally, and I already know what I’ll do — again. I slap a bandage over it so it looks like I’m okay, but there’s still a wound there. But that’s been going on my entire life, so what’s new?

I’m not sure where this blog will go, but I want to write more down. And hopefully not a year from now.

Facebook 101 – Who Sees What?

I recently met a girl who is looking for sponsors and while I thought she had a real chance of reaching her goal, her online persona screamed LA party girl which I know would very quickly kill her shots on getting anyone to take her seriously. I explained to her what she had to do with her Twitter and Facebook, and blog in order to “clean up” her online identity. Really this is something most people should be concerned about unless your online life IS your life as it is for many bloggers and lifecasters. I used to not be concerned with having my name on the Internet, but once I began acting I chose to go by Amanda Boyle, not wanting business colleagues from my office job finding me. I adopted it as my penname as well. The only places you could find my legal last name are on my LinkedIn page and on webpages related to my (former) business job.

I have a mac app called Clarify which helps make amazing tutorials, so I decided to finally put it to use and go through some features of Facebook everyone should know.

Who Sees What On Your Profile?

One of the problems the aforementioned girl had was that a large part of her Facebook was set to the old “friends of friends” privacy option. Instead of checking post-by-post, I suggest everyone uses the “View as…” feature.

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