Where did the months go?

How has it been over a year? I try to think where I was — emotionally and physically — and what’s happen since then. I live somewhere new. A positive. I was lucky to score an amazing new roommate and be in walking distance of a number of amazing restaurant and stores. At my old place I was very isolated in my bedroom and didn’t feel like it was ever my own.  I’m still at the same job, but with a promotion this past winter. It’s a lot of work being a part of a small company and having a lot of responsibilities.  And I get to go to Germany in August which is pretty cool. There’s parts of LA I love and others I loath. It makes me miss home, though there are things that make me wary of going back. And then emotionally…ugh. It feels like every time I give up some of myself, I get burned. It just happened, literally, and I already know what I’ll do — again. I slap a bandage over it so it looks like I’m okay, but there’s still a wound there. But that’s been going on my entire life, so what’s new?

I’m not sure where this blog will go, but I want to write more down. And hopefully not a year from now.